TruTV approached Troika about producing their presence at the Turner Upfront 2016 event. As Art Director, I picked up the approved creative direction and managed a team of two designers, three animators, and three editors to bring their presentation to life. At the top of the event, MC Adam Conover gave the keynote about TruTV's unique brand positioning, their impressive viewership growth statistics, and introduced the audience to the brands most popular shows. This included a designed and fully-animated presentation, the edit, design and animation of 4 unique sizzle videos, and animated graphics for the stage columns. Process included multiple string-outs, previz of stage graphics, and edits. Creative Director - Paul Britton / Art Director - J. Collins / Producer - Angela Ramirez / Designer - Ben Yonda / Animator - Joon Yong Kim / Animator - Justin Bakies / Animator - Raphael LaMotta / Editor - Mark McConnell / Editor - Lin Wilde

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