Aesthetically, I wanted to give the characters in our new spot "kid-made" feel. The idea being, that not only are our Nick viewers interacting with a the characters, but it’s a character that could have been made by our audience. They’re playing with their imagination. Simple features, marker texture, scribbling outside-the-lines, and stick character qualities reinforce the youthful look. 
I saw the sonic branding being more along the lines of MGMT's "Kids" to maintain that fun spirit, but bringing it to a more contemporary place. In fact, go ahead and have that play in the background while you keep scrolling. Totally ties it all together. 

A positive, fun, and upbeat score paired with quirky, hand-drawn characters interacting with kids in their everyday lives. They wake up, and brush their teeth together. They goof around together. They play, and go to school together. And of course, they watch Nick together. Nothing complicated. Just here, having fun with the Nick Friends.
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