Disney's citizenship arm set out to create an initiative encouraging young people to get involved in creative problem solving. Through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education, young people can achieve their dreams through being prepared to solve the issues of the future. The initiative was given the code name "Project Spark" while it was still in the naming process. There were several names being thrown around, among the names were: "Dream Ahead;" "Imagination Made;" and "Generation Create." During the process, I led and directed a team of 9 designers and typographers, both on-site and off. Kicking-off, reviewing, critiquing, and helping develop the work of the designers, while fleshing-out my own concepts, building the deck, presenting, and holding meetings with clients. The examples are design selects that I personally developed. Some of the designs were inspired by STEAM learning, others by the aspirational quality of problem-solving skills and being prepared for the future. The aspirational concept of a paper plane literally flying, through the clouds and beyond, resonated with the client. Several iteration of that concept were developed and ultimate became the direction they wanted to move forward with. However, several branches of the family entertainment giant had the same nobel idea, and were subsequently merged. These guys will never end up out in the wild, but it was such an amazing experience working such passionate group at Disney.. and a super fun project to work on that I'm proud of.

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